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The archaeological site of Baalbek

(according to the brochure of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism)
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The archaeological site of Baalbek

1- Temple of Venus

2- Temple of the Muses

3- Propylaea

4- Hexagonal yard (north)

5- Hexagonal yard (south)

6- Hexagonal yard (west)

7- Tower and Autel

8- Large yard (North)

9- Large yard (south)

10- Exhedras

11- Basins

12- Temple of Jupiter - Entrance

13- Temple of Jupiter - columns

14- Temple of Bacchus

15- Temple of Bacchus - Entrance

16- Temple of Bacchus - inside

17- Vestige of arabic constructions

18- Trilithon - West Wall

Temple of Venus Temple of the Muses Propylaea Hexagonal yard (north) Hexagonal yard (south) Hexagonal yard (west) Tower and Autel Large yard (North) Large yard (south) Exhedras Basins Temple of Jupiter - Entrance Temple of Jupiter - columns Temple of Bacchus Temple of Bacchus - Entrance Temple of Bacchus - inside Vestige of arabic constructions Trilithon - West Wall

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