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The archaeological site of Byblos

(according to the plan established by M. Dunand).

The archaeological site of Byblos

1- City gate (3rd millennium BC)

2- Primitive rampart (-2500)

3- Achaemenid Podium

4- Fortress

5- Byzantine Mill

6- Crusader castle

7- Rampart (2nd millennium)

8- Rampart sawtooth (3th millennium)

9- Royal Tombs (2nd millennium)

10- Roman Theatre

11- Temple of Baalat-Gebal

12- Sacred pond & basins terracotta

13- L Temple

14- Obelisks Temple

15- Enclosure & pre-urban houses

16- Great residence

17- Neolithic houses

18- Fountain

19- Amorite Quarry

20- Pre-amorite residence

21- Contemporary house

22- Port

City gate (3rd millennium BC) Primitive rampart (-2500) Primitive rampart (-2500) Primitive rampart (-2500) Achaemenid Podium Fortress Byzantine Mill Crusader castle Rampart (2nd millennium) Rampart sawtooth (3th millennium) Royal Tombs (2nd millennium) Roman Theatre Temple of Baalat-Gebal Sacred pond & basins terracotta L Temple Obelisks Temple Enclosure  & pre-urban houses Great residence Neolithic houses Fountain Amorite Quarry Pre-amorite residence Contemporary house Port 

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