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Temple of Echmoun

(according to the brochure of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism)
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Temple of Echmoun

1- Site access

2- Achaemenid podium (VIth century BC)

3- Canalization

4- Sacred pool

5- Sub-basins

6- Choreographic platform

7- Temple (Third century BC)

8- Pool throne of Astarte (Third century BC)

9- Bleachers and pool

10- Roman colonnade (Third Century)

11- Bannister

12- Naos and Columns

13- Yard mosaics

14- Byzantine church

15- Tribune of Echmoun

Site access Achaemenid podium (VIth century BC) Canalization Canalization Sacred pool Sub-basins Sub-basins Choreographic platform Temple (Third century BC) Pool throne of Astarte (Third century BC) Bleachers and pool Roman colonnade (Third Century) Bannister Naos and Columns Yard mosaics Byzantine church Tribune of Echmoun

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