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who we are ? Informatique

Born on August 9, 1966 in Lebanon, where I began my studies and obtained a degree in History from the University Saint - Esprit, Kaslik (USEK). After my graduation, I taught history & geography. Arrived in France in 1992 after my marriage, I decided obtain a Ph.D. from the University of Paris - Sorbonne in 2000. My dissertation was about: "Beirut Trade (1920-1939), according to the French & Lebanese archives". My interest in Phoenicians goes back to my teenage, when I learnt at school the story of "our ancestors the Phoenicians". This people, small in territory but big in exploits, has always fascinated me. I didn't have the opportunity to learn the Phoenician language so I have not specialized in the ancient world. With this experience via this Website; I fulfill this dream.
Nous deux Informatique

Born on the 17th of November 1962 in Lebanon, I started my studies at the Lebanese University, Faculty of Sciences. There I obtained a Masters Degree in Physics. Left Lebanon in August 1986 to Marseille to continue my studies. I was accepted at E.S.I.M (Engineering School of Marseille), I got my diploma in Electronics, Industrial Computing. My first job was in computing services in Paris. With my professional experience, I handled projects in several companies (CIC-Paris, DIAC-Renault, Air France, Credit Agricole ...). Since our marriage, I became fascinated more and more with history, along with my wife's progress in her dissertation. The idea to create a website about Phoenicians, the ancestors of our native country, had just sprouted. What could be better than a Lebanese couple, a historian and a computer engineer to build a website about this unknown and forgotten People.
Sana Kanaan, Photographe et Créatrice

Born in 1972, Sana Kanaan graduated in Business and Touristic Sciences. For the love of travel, Sana discovered photography. With an admiring eye, equipped with a camera, she finds pleasure in taking touristic photos of her homeland as well for as of other countries she visits, in order to share them. During a stay in France and since 2009, she discovered another field in which she excels today, creating jewelry. Her work and expertise have been refined and diversified through various trips all around the World that allowed her to observe, admire, and marvel. This stimulation led her in 2011, following a visit to Byblos, to create her line of "22 Phoenician letters" that has morphed and evolved in 2013 to a range of necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and cufflinks.

Joëlle Achkar Illustratrice

Born in 1984, Joelle Achkar obtained a Masters Degree in Illustration and Comics from the Lebanese Academy of Fine Arts (ALBA). Since then, she has been works actively in the world of illustration and publishing and teaches since 2009 at Alba. Joëlle is first and foremost an observer, then inventive. She loves Beirut, the city in perpetual imbalance, she like walking through streets to be inspired by the prevailing disorder of the city.
Nada Nasr, Proof Reader

Nada Nasr graduated from the American University of Beirut, with a B.A. Degree in Economics, then a Masters Degree in Business Administration. She had a long and various experience in different fields: Shipping & Forwarding, Telecommunications, Snack Ownership, teaching in Hospitality at the University of Balamand, all of which has one common denominator, fluency in the English language.

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