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This website was established in June 2000 under the name "La Phénicie", as part of a global French website dedicated to history ( treating all historical periods from antiquity (with Mesopotamia, Egypt, Greece ...) to the Middle Ages, the Old Regime, the French Empire and Europe, World Wars I & II ... In June 2002, due to financial problems, stopped to offer its services. At that time, we decided to create our own Network address.

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"La Phénicie", on, was part of antiquity section. We started, on June 2000, with 54 visitors and reached 1950 visitors in April 2002 (the last month of available statistics on Since 2003, we started to publish our articles under our new address The first statistics, refer to the month of April 2003, indicates 35 visitors (with a few friends!), we await the return of our old faithful and the curious requiring to discover Phoenicians history. We try to notify, through this page, all news, information and statistics of site audience.

Our first objective is cultural, Phoenicians are summarily known as merchants and navigators, and we propose a retrospective of this civilization seen from another angle. Phoenicians, as you'll discover (or if you already did), have bequeathed a rich and divers heritage: Alphabet, glass and ceramics, purple color, astronomy with their maritime explorations ... the Phoenician presence was confirmed all around Mediterranean Sea and beyond the Pillars of Hercules. The Phoenicians navigators founded several counters: Carthage in Tunisia, Motya in Sicily, Cagliari in Sardinia, Cadiz in Spain, on Cornwall coast in England ... Some archaeologists even talk about Phoenician inscriptions found on the Brazilian coast. We invite you to visit our pages in order to apprehend this people throughout its history.

We want to clarify in this last paragraph some points: this website is non-profit one, without any publicity. His only purpose is educational and informative. We hope it will responds to your expectations and it will be useful in furthering your researches and your discovering about Phoenicians, their history, cities, gods, counters... We perform these pages in conjunction with our professional activities. We collect information in different references, museums, exhibitions, articles ... and we try to keep the most possible objectivity. The editorial is provided by Souraya (Ph.D. in History) and layout by Jad (computer engineer). As we have indicated, we are working on these pages during W.E. We ask you indulgence in your judgment. All comments, suggestions, remarks are welcome, this website is for you, to inform you, and we shall be grateful to read from you and will endeavor to satisfy your curiosity.

Souraya & Jad ABIFARES

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