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Chronology, by J. Achkar, ©

This timeline allows you to locate the key events of the Phoenician civilization against the rest of the ancient world. It is however important to note that the new archaeological discoveries can modify some of the data, implying some variation between dates.

B.C. Phoenician chronology Global chronology
8000 First human settlements in Jericho
7000 First human settlements in Byblos
6500 First human traces in Ugarit
4200 Creation of the solar calendar by Egyptian astronomers
3000-2900 First townhouses In Byblos & Ugarit
2900 The Egyptian king Sneferu (last of the Third Dynasty) sends a maritime expedition looking for cedar wood of Lebanon
2750 Tyre creation and and Melqart temple Construction of the Great Pyramids of Egypt
Discovery of Bronze
2200 Destruction of Byblos Western Eurafrique: construction of large megalithic monuments
2100 The Conquest of Byblos by the Amorites Abraham migration to Palestine
Beginning of the history of the Patriarchs
2000 Foundation of the kingdom of Minos in Crete
1793 Hammurabi, king of Babylon
1400 End of Cretan dominance in the Eastern Mediterranean
1284 Phoenician coast under Egyptian control Ramses II
1275 Battle of Kadesh between Egyptians & Hittites sharing Phoenician cities between the two belligerents
1215 Trojan War
1200 The invasion of the Phoenician coast by the Sea Peoples
The Phoenicians explore the Mediterranean coasts
Destruction of Ugarit
1100 Travel of Wenamun. Foundation of Cadiz, Utica and Lixus
Foundation of Cadiz, Utica and Lixus
1000 Death of King Ahiram of Byblos. On his sarcophagus is engraved the first major Phoenician inscription (19 of the 22 alphabet letters) beginning of the Iron Age in Central and Northern Europe
970 According to the Bible, The Tyrians trading with "Tarshish" and their vessels bring gold to King Solomon, son in law of King Hiram of Tyre
970-936 Reign of the great Hiram, king of Tyre Built the temple in Jerusalem
821 Creation of Kambe by Sidonians in the Gulf of Tunis
814 Founding of Carthage by the fugitives Tyrians
776 First Olympiad
754 Creation of Rome
681 Tyre & Sidon fall under Assyrian domination
654 Creation of Ebussus (Ibiza) by the Carthaginians
612 Fall of Nineveh (capital of Assyria) taken by the Babylonians
600 Creation of Marseille by the Phocaeans
586-573 Head & destruction of Tyre by Nebuchadnezzar
Sidon became the most prestigious Phoenician city
Destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar
550 Maritime blockade of Tartessos (Spain) by the Carthaginians
539 A return to prosperity in the Phoenician ports Babylon captured by Cyrus the Persian
535 Naval victory of the Carthaginians against the Phoenicians in Alalia off the coast of Corsica
525 Conquest of Egypt by Cambyses II, King of Persia
509 First treaty between Carthage & Rome
480 The Phoenician ships involved in the battle of Salamis beside Persians against the Greeks
460 Pericles chosen leader of the Democratic Party in Athens
430 Periplus of Hanno, great Carthaginian navigator
350 The attack on Sidon by the Persian king Artaxerxes
333 Alexander the Great's victory over Darius at Issus
332 Head & destruction of Tyre by Alexander the Great
304 Construction of the Colossus of Rhodes
65 The Romans took the control of Phoenician cities
27 The beginning of the construction of the temple of Baalbek
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